We focus on one thing – and one thing only – grilling grade A meat to perfection. Where others just slap some meat on the grill, we take it to the next level – one beautifully marbled cut at a time.

The only help we need from you to get it just right is for you to tell us how you like it; medium, medium-well, or rare. Our biggest satisfaction is when you consider El Gaucho the benchmark for an amazing steak. Or better yet, The Place For Steak. The success of our venues across Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and Central Europe (Slovakia) propelled us to bring the famous Argentinian steak cuisine to the vibrant city of Hamburg.

We are very excited to open our newest El Gaucho location in the trendy and diverse gastronomy district of Pöseldorf with a goal to offer you the best steak in the city.

Mittelweg 162, ( corner of Alte Rabenstrasse ) 20148, Hamburg, Germany

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 5PM until 11PM.
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Pöseldorf is one of Hamburg’s true gems. Located in Rotherbaum, this elegant residential district captivates visitors with its narrow streets lined with modern and historical villas. One of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Hamburg bursting with diverse gastronomy, trendy cafes, boutiques and shops, it definitely has what it takes to make an impression on Hamburg residents and tourists alike.

The location of our first Hamburg restaurant is on a vibrant Mittleweg street. It features a 2-story brick-style interior in an intimate setting with an open kitchen, cocktail bar, outside smoking lounge and boasts a capacity of 60 guests.

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When you cross our threshold you are on El Gaucho time. We slow it down as you enter our peaceful retreat from the outside world. Get ready to relax as we start to assemble the greatest experience for all your senses.

First, let your taste buds be awakened with an aperitif. Follow it up with the core of what we do – enjoy a juicy cut of meat, so tender you can cut it with a spoon (provided it is not well done). Next, take a sip from one of the latest of our wine treasures, you know the one that perfectly complements your main course. Then indulge in a delicious dessert to punctuate your meal.


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